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May 27, 2013
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My Favorite Pokemon Girls by Dr-Scaphandre My Favorite Pokemon Girls by Dr-Scaphandre
These are my favorite liadies from the the Pokemon series. I decided for this meme, I go off one rule: Anime canon only.

10. Lizabeth: There are reasons why I like Lizabeth. 1. She has blue hair. 2. Her family do an underwater show that is still better than Seaworld. 3. She has blue hair. 4. She's a descendant of the People of the Water, which I think is cool with her jewelery from the Sea Crown. 5. She has blue hair.

9. Ursula: Let's ignore the fact that she looks like Kasane Teto for a second. She's one of Dawn's coordinator rival, she has a fun bossy attitude, and....okay it's pretty much because she looks like her :icontetoplz:

8. Angela: Angela's a ninja.................oh you want me to explain more? Okay. She's a ninja. She's a character of the day from the episode From Cradle to Save, she runs a ninja school, and she lets Ash and his friends join for a day. She also messed with Brock and Team Rocket with her ninja decoy, and her hair is cyan. I'd love to take her class because someday I want to learn to be a ninja. I conclude by saying....she's a ninja.

7. ASHley: Okay this isn't girl, it's Ash disguised as one, but this is my list so my rules! With the way that Ash has been acting lately(especially with the stupid 5th Generation!) he's been acting more like a girl than a man. He's also crossdressed a bunch in the series, like the first time when he needed a disguise to get into the Celadon gym, and the other when he dressed as a maid to help out a maid cafe. Stop being lame Ash and I'll take you off my list.

6. Elesa: Even though I hate the 5th generation with a passion, Elesa is a special exception. She's an electric gym leader, which fits my Pokemon self since I'm one of Lt. Surge's trainers, she is super kind, SHE'S A SUPERMODEL, and she's a fan of bad puns.
:iconelesaplz:: Wouldn't you *cough* agree?

5. Luka: A lot of people probably won't remember Luka since she was only a character of the day for three episodes. The only reason she's on the list is because she's a scuba diver. She even got cool scuba suits for anyone who dives for treasure with her. Also she uses Magikarp as scuba scooters, and anyone who uses Magikarp is alright in my book! :)

4. Cynthia: She has to be the most fun champion to battle against. Her party is beastly with Garchomp alone, but all her other Pokemon are powerful in their own accord. She's a relic hunter, and she's super kind. But best of all she looks like Maetel from Galaxy Express 999 and Yuki Mori from Space Battleship Yamato. Oh my god. SOMEONE DRAW FANART OF HER COSPLAYING AS THEM NOW!!!

3. Misty: Misty Misty Misty. You never should have left Ash. Out of all the girls that Ash has traveled with, Misty was the first, and arguably the best.Her and Ash always had a love/hate relationship ever since Ash stole and trashed her bike. She's such a tomboy with her attitude, which is what the modern girls are missing. Not to mention she really cares about water Pokemon, even the weakest. But the best part of her has to be when she dressed up as a mermaid for her sisters' underwater ballet, even though she hated it. Seriously Misty, please get back in that costume and do more of the ballets! Please!

2. Duplica: My all time favorite character of the day. Duplica has such a fun loving attitude with people. Whenever she meets people, she imitates them, regardless of gender. She does imitation shows with her Ditto, and her hair is greenish blue.(As you can guess, I love blue hair.) But the best part was when Ash, his friends, and Duplica imitated Team Rocket to steal her Ditto back, much to Team Rocket's anger. If I ever met her, I'd love to imitate with her, because she makes it so much fun.

1. Sabrina: I think it's safe to say that everyone loves the anime Sabrina over the game version. Why? Well for starters her appearance. In the anime, she has dark green hair with a cool red dress that strikes fear into people. She also has such an interesting back story. When she was a little girl, she learned she has ESP and telekinesis. She bent spoon after spoon (Why do Psychics hate spoons so much?) to the point that she could implode a building with her mind. But when her parents said no more practicing, she got mad, turned her mom into a doll, and sent her father who is also a Psychic away. But Ash and Haunter save her and her parents by making her laugh one of the cutest laughs I've ever seen, showing that despite being a superpowerful human being trapped by her childhood, she's still human inside and kind. She even runs a psychic school in her gym. (which I failed in.) In the end, not only is she such a cool, scary, badass person, but she also becomes happy an super lovable in the end. It makes me wish psychics like her existed. That's why, Sabrina is my all time favorite.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokemon Company
Meme (c) :iconlucky-jj:
I do not own any images above.
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